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My name is Abbigayle Bowlin and I’ve been a student at The Gloria Eve School of The Arts for the past 14 years. I started dancing at the tender age of 3. As a dancer, I have had several opportunities to participate in local, regional, and national competitions, where I received several awards in varying categories.

At Gloria Eve, I major in the following dance genre: African, Tap, Modern, Pointe, Break Dance, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Musical Theatre, Horton, and Acting. My favorite classes are Hip Hop, African, and Musical Theatre.

During my tenure at this institution, there has been significant growth with respect to myself development that is my interpersonal relationship, communication, and teamwork skills. Also, there is great improvement in my performances due to my share determination and consistency in self-discipline. Being a student at Gloria Eve for 14 years has taught me to be patient, humble, disciplined, and most importantly brilliant!

Being one of the first Dance Ambassadors from Gloria Eve is a HUGE opportunity! I look forward to learning valuable skills that I can bring back home and show my family and friends. While meeting people in Uganda, I will become connected to the lives they live, which will give me a greater appreciation for the global society we are all a part of.

I am truly honored to be a part of a selected few who will be traveling to Uganda. I will definitely make this experience a memorable one and I look forward to making my community proud!

Thank you for your support!

Donate to Abbigayle’s Campaign