Rhythm N Dance in collaboration with The Gloria Eve School of the Arts are coming together to take a group of young performing artists to explore and perform in the country of Uganda!

With a need to recognize our connection to a global society, The Gloria Eve School of the Arts has created a new program called The Dance Ambassadors Program.  This program seeks to provide opportunities to young people who are dedicated to using dance as a form of exchange and communication on a global level.

Each of the participants in this program will undergo rigorous training to prepare them for an international project that will allow the participants to study dances of a particular country and community up close, from an ethnographic perspective.  The participants will also have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other dancers from various communities around the world, which will create a global network of dance ambassadors, all working together to create change in a world where dance can change lives.

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Meet Our Inaugural Group of Gloria Eve Dance Ambassadors!

Abbigayle Bowlin
Abbigayle Bowlin Gloria Eve Dance Ambassador
Being one of the first Dance Ambassadors from Gloria Eve is a HUGE opportunity! I look forward to learning valuable skills that I can bring back home and show my family and friends. While meeting people in Uganda, I will become connected to the lives they live, which will give me a greater appreciation for the global society we are all a part of.
Seraya Milland
Seraya MillandGloria Eve Dance Ambassador
When I heard about the trip to Uganda, I became so excited. I feel so grateful to be chosen to experience this trip to Uganda! This is not an average trip for a girl my age and I am so blessed to have this opportunity. When I envision this trip I think about seeing different cultures that embrace music, dance and art. I can’t wait to learn about their culture and definitely taste the food! I’m looking forward to learning about their way of life and how art is a part of their lives.
Jaadyn Rogers
Jaadyn RogersGloria Eve Dance Ambassador
Taking this trip to Uganda will be an experience of a lifetime. I’ll have the pleasure of applying my knowledge of dance while working with other performers to learn new skills or styles of African Dance. This will certainly improve my technique as an African Dancer and go in-depth into the study of the history of African dance.

Uganda 2018

In August 2018, The Gloria Eve Dance Ambassadors will embark on their first international trip to the African country Uganda.

This inaugural trip will connect our dance Ambassadors with artists and dancers who are just as passionate about performing as they are.  The participants will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the traditional cultures of the Ugandan people, as well as visit cultural and geographical landmarks like the Nile River and a visit to the Equator.  We will work with several different organizations to develop an educational dance performance that will take place and the National Theater in Kampala, Uganda.

The Dance Ambassadors Program will also have members from Uganda that will be given the opportunity to travel back to the United States to be trained and to perform with The Gloria Eve School.

Gloria Eve Dance Facilitators

Gloria Eve has a long history of bringing together some of the most talented dance educators around to educate our youth and aspiring artists. The backbone of our programming is our core of dancers and musicians that work hard to create a foundation for our students. We will be taking several of our staff members to facilitate workshops with the dancers and students of Uganda. The exchange of cultural information regarding dance pedagogy and dance ethnography is immense. These dance facilitators will be charged with training the next generation of global dance ambassadors who will use dance as a vehicle to connect, communicate and create on a global level.

Kevin McEwen
Kevin McEwenGloria Eve Dance Facilitator
I’ve been to continent of Africa on many different occasions. My first trip to Uganda opened my eyes to the beauty and majesty of East African culture and ethnographic information. It’s been my goal to bring my students from the United States to experience this life-changing opportunity. It’s also been a personal desire of mines to bring what I know as a dance educator to the children of Uganda!
Mesha Millington
Mesha MillingtonGloria Eve Dance Facilitator
Mesha wants her students to know that her passion is the “Arts”, as a performer and Choreographer/Instructor. Her students’ accomplishments are what help feed her spirit and makes her life long dreams become reality. “I’ll meet you all on top.”