At Dance To Save Lives, we provide kids in need the necessary resources to keep them off the streets. We train them in Haitian folkloric and modern dance forms. These accessible activities and services are provided daily for free in the city of Jacmel, Haiti. The students are immersed into the world of dance, allowing them to learn what it takes to be a professional performing artist, choreographer and/or dance Instructor. They also gain experience by touring as performers across the country of Haiti. We maximize the potential of our youth by exposing them to the rich traditional and contemporary aspects of Haitian culture through the lens of the performing arts.

Dance To Save Lives hopes to increase the number of opportunities for these students to become successful performing artists of the future in Haiti. We are working hard to have a big impact on this community as a whole with our efforts. It is crucial that people in our community understand and acknowledge the importance of dance in our society.

Dance to Save Lives needs the support of our friends and families in the dance community throughout the world. We welcome dance teachers from all styles of dance all over the world to come and support our project. We will host dance concerts, seminars, workshops and retreats to raise funds to keep this project alive. This can be an amazing opportunity for local and international dancers to showcase their talents and share some of their knowledge with the students. The realization of this project will provide us with an unparalleled educational dance experience.