The influence of dance within the African Diaspora can be recognized in its past and present traditions in our society. The movement and the stories behind all dances within the Diaspora makes known a common past and stimulates a shared sense of values and beliefs. The purpose of the  Dance/Drum Program is to expose our youth and aspiring artists to the history of dance within the African Diaspora.

The program creates a dance foundation with an education in African, Hip Hop and Modern dance forms.  While African dance engenders a sense of belonging and a holistic means of developing identity, Afro-Modern dance allows for a fusion of polyrhythms and steps drawn from ancient ceremonial dances and Western-style dance forms.  Hip Hop Dance has evolved and developed into one of the most exciting and positive forms of dance today, making it a perfect compliment to both African and Afro-Modern techniques.

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Rhythm N Dance provides workshops in West African drumming techniques from Mali, Senegal and Guinea. Our music workshops teach the traditional music and rhythms of these countries.

Our music workshops are perfect for schools, community groups, festivals and other special events. Our experienced music teachers will work with your group to ensure that everyone has a great time learning about African music and dance!

Our music workshops are popular with both adults and children. Our music teachers are experienced educators, with substantial teaching and stage experience within African Diaspora art forms. They will work with your group to ensure that everyone has a great time learning about African music and dance!

We offer music workshops in the following styles:

– West African Drumming

– Haitian Drumming

– Caribbean Folkloric Rhythms

For more information or to book a workshop, please contact us at the links below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Our network of organizations we partner with allows us to provide traveling opportunities for aspiring artists who are looking to add international experience to their repertoire. Our current work with the Gloria Eve School of the Arts has us positioned to take a trip to Uganda in 2018.  Click here for more information.

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With a staff with over 50 years combined experience in African Diaspora studies and Black Dance History, our lecture services are a perfect fit for schools, universities and organizations looking to create an awareness of these topics. Here’s a brief list of topics covered by our instructors:

  • Dance History – A look a dance history through western civilization.
  • Ethnic Dance – An overview of various ethnic dance forms from around the world.
  • Intro to African Dance Technique – A look a African dance techniques from an ethnographic perspective.
  • Social Activism through Dance Education – How to create engaging choreography that addresses the current trends in social activism.
  • Entrepreneurship and the Performing Artist – Looking at the business aspects of being a successful solo performing artist.
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