AVIANA is happy and proud to be part of Rhythm ‘n’ Dance as a faculty member. AVIANA is a musician and dancer originally from New York City.  She was raised by immigrant parents of Haitian and Dominican ancestry.

   AVIANA began her dancing career as a competition dancer at the University of Pittsburgh.  As a member of the University of Pittsburgh Dance/Cheer Team, her team placed in the Top 5 in the nation at the NCA Danz Competition.   AVIANA

continued her dance training in jazz, ballet, hip-hop at Broadway Dance Center in New York City where she studied exclusively under Rhapsody James, Jermaine Browne, Sheila Barker and the late Josh Widick.  Additionally, Aviana studied extensively under Maurice Johnson at the Joy of Motion and Julie Miles at the Maryland Youth Ballet.
After a stint as a freelance artist in New York City and Los Angeles, AVIANA yearned for something new and thus began her studies of Belly Dance and Flamenco.  AVIANA studied Flamenco dance from “La Genoveva,” and currently studies with Edwin Aparicio.  AVIANA has also studied Middle Eastern Dance & Belly Dance with loved teacher Artemis, Classical Egyptian style and technique from Yasmin, Khaleejy dance and history from Saudi Arabian artist Khadijah.  AVIANA focuses her studies in Belly Dance technique in the Suhaila Salimpour school.  AVIANA is currently Certified Level 1 of the Suhaila Salimpour Bellydance Technique format and training for Level 2 certification. AVIANA’s style incorporates Belly dance technique, Flamenco, Jazz, Hip Hop, Caribbean and African dance movements. In January 2011, AVIANA was a feature performer in “Mudéjar,”  a dance/musical production featuring music and dances from the Middle East and Flamenco.  AVIANA performed alongside well-respected musicians and dancers including 2008Grammy Nominated Master Percussionist Souhail Kaspar of Lebanon.

    AVIANA has taught Belly Dance Technique as a sub at the request of her former teacher and highly respected DC area Belly Dance artist Marta Vizueta at the award winning dance studio, Joy of Motion.  In addition, AVIANA has taught her “Basic Belly Dance Technique with Stylized Arms” workshop at the DC Dance Collective in Washington, DC.  
    AVIANA began her music studies as a child in piano and violin.  Aviana studied Flamenco music technique, Flamenco cante (sing/song), vocal technique from Marija Temo.  She also travelled to Madrid, Spain where she briefly studied with legendary Flamenco Cantaor/Singer Talegón de Córdoba.  AVIANA currently studies Flamenco cante/song with reknown Flamenco Cantaora/Singer Saray Munoz of Madrid, Spain (Flamenco singer for Top World Reknown Flamenco Dancers Joaquin Cortes and Sara Baras among others) and AVIANA studies with DC area Classical singer Megan McCall.
   Check out AVIANA’s website for more information: www.avianaonline.com, her facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/avianaonline and follow her on twitter: www.twitter.com/avianaonline.