On These Shoulders

Rhythm N Dance, LLC is a non- profit organization (501 3c pending) whose primary mission is to provide a vehicle for the education and perpetuation of historical cultural traditions within the African diaspora through the use of performing arts. Our work with youth and artists in the DMV area, nationally and abroad strives to perpetuate and sustain the cultural traditions of our communities by any means necessary.


This summer RND is presenting Kebuka Arts Theater- “On These Shoulders”- a journey to the discovery of family history and personal responsibility. Musical composition and direction provided by FaraLambeDC.


The performance will take place on August 7th, 2013, 6pm at the Anacostia Arts Center located at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE.

Is it my ancestral lineage of wealth and pain

Or my parent’s assimilation that I claim

Converging at a point clearly by design

Leaving all traces of my history far behind

All these places of my home being stripped

Claiming gentrification is causing a flip

Placing the blame on a community for its demise-

After slavery, segregation and low wages- Are we really surprised?

This whole life was thrust upon me like it’s my fault-

Anyone else recognize we do what we’re taught?

Still I have to dig deep inside me to find

With all these definitions of me what is actually mine

The struggle for identity and purpose is an instagram shot

As bells and whistles seduce me into this melting pot

Spreading out from many lands— Here I am

“ON THESE SHOULDERS” of which I stand.