Dance Instructor - Akosua Akoto

Come join Akosua Akoto EVERY SATURDAY IN OCTOBER AT 2:30pm at Roda Movements Studio. The first three Saturdays will be ASA! the last two Saturdays will be Traditional West African Dance (see class descriptions below). This is a trial 5 week session folks. Come one COME ALL and we can convince Roda Movements to keep Akosua’s class permanently!!! SEE YOU IN OCTOBER!!!


Varying in levels of intensity, ASA! is a low impact, upbeat workout that fuses traditional and modern (“club”) dance movements of west and southern Africa with aerobic exercises. It targets all muscles, including core/stabilizing muscle groups, for a full aerobic and strength-training workout disguised in the fun, exciting, and body and soul stimulating manner that defines African dance. An aerobic dance-fitness program, ASA! Allows participants to improve cardiovascular capacity, burn calories, improve overall fitness and HAVE FUN!!!


Traditional West African Dance

Traditional West African dance is an expression of culture in its purest form. This class brings the rich traditions of various ethnic groups in West African countries including Senegal, Mali, Guinea and Coted’Ivoire. With the great variety of movement and nuance, you will engage every muscle of your body. With the invigorating connection with the drums, you will engage every part of your soul.