From all the staff here at Rhythm N Dance, we would like to give our DC dance community a huge THANK YOU for supporting our Haiti dance camp fundraiser “DANSE-EDEYO”.  The weekend long event, which featured several Haitian Dance workshops featuring Oakland-based Haitian folkloric dance company Rara Tou Limen, raised a grand total of $2,000 towards the Dance Camp we will have at the Joyous Heart school in Port-Au-Prince Haiti.  We’d like to thank the local dance companies who supported us in this event by allowing us to come into their studios and give them a little taste of Haitian culture:

  • Urban Artistry
  • KanKouran West African Dance Company
  • Coyaba Dance Theater

We’d also like to thank our Community Partners, who also helped in marketing the event, as well as operational support with our opening lecture and the after party to close off the weekends activities:

  • Dr. Akua Kouyate
  • Andrea Thompson
  • Baba Melvin Deale
  • DJ Ausar
  • DJ Underdog
  • Farafina Kan
  • Lil’Soso Productions
  • Mama Makini Niliwaambieni

Finally, I have to give a personal “THANK YOU” to the Artistic Director  and Musical Director of Rara Tou Limen Haitian Folkloric Dance Company, Portsha Jefferson and Daniel “BRAV” Brevil.  They came all the way from California to Washington DC to support our cause.  They represented Rara Tou Limen and the Haitian culture to the FULLEST!  Words can’t explain how much we appreciate you two!  We hope that next time you come, you can bring the whole company with you! This event was truly an amazing experience.  Stay tuned for our next fundraiser event as we take the Danse Edeyo experience  up I-95 to New York City for “Danse Edeyo:NYC Edition”.