As we close out the end of yet another great year of programming, Rhythm N Dance is proud to announce it’s newest project partnership with Drum Beat Journey!

Drum Beat Journey is a film that follows 4 young bucket drummers from inner city Chicago to the village of Petit Mbao in Senegal. The young men participate in traditional sabar drumming classes and unique cultural experiences, including a visit to Goree Island, once an outpost for the Atlantic slave trade. This vastly different landscape and culture, illustrates the need for finding new ways to educate and enlighten today’s youth.

By the end of the workshop the young men were able to identify notes and play rhythmic patterns. This instruction was intended to provide them with a solid foundation for phase two of the project; a 2-week intensive cultural and music enrichment program in Senegal where the young men received specialized training by Griot Percussionist Medoune Gueye (aka Papa Dame).

Drum Beat Journey from Elilta Tewelde on Vimeo.