Sabar. You’ve seen the videos online, saw it at a show, or even sat in a class while others DID the dance that you just couldn’t understand. If this is the case, then this workshop is for you!

Sabar is a drum AND a dance, but it’s the language and communication between the two that perplexes some and scares others away from enjoying an amazing experience!

This workshop session is for all of those dancers who wanted to learn but never had the chance, as well as those who want to freshen up on the basics! Join us on December 13th AND 20th at Mamasita’s Studio in Takoma Park for an AMAZING experience!

We will begin with an intro Sabar Drum Workshop that will be immediately followed by a Sabar Dance Workshop.

$12 for each Workshop, $20 for both Workshops.

See you on the dance floor!

Sabar REK!!!

For more information, take a look at our facebook event page.