On Saturday May 12th, the RND  staff debut their new program the Redefinition of Manhood (ROM) Project at the Black Male Development Symposium.  The ROM Project is a training program that seeks to provide guidance to young men of the African Diaspora through mentorship, performing arts development and rites of passage indoctrination. The training is based on several core concepts that all combine together to create a nurturing, yet disciplined foundation for young African American males in a world where they are often misunderstood and marginalized through no fault of their own.

The eight annual Black Male Development Symposium (BMDS) was initiated by the leadership of Chicago’s Third World Press, one of the oldest African-American publishing houses in the United States.  The venue was established as a national tour that promoted community discussions on the plight of African American Males (AAM).  With Rites of Passage being a major component of the Symposium, it was a perfect fit for what RND and the ROM Project had to offer.

Take a look at the photo gallery below for pictures from the event.